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Stop Smileying

First, a quick survey. How many smileys do you use? How frequently? How many types? If the number is greater than 3, then congratulations! You have higher emotional quotient than most of the online population.

“Our emotional range is dictated by the number of smileys available”

I wrote that on my FB wall a few months back. It got quite a few ‘likes’, and some comments too. Most of them were smileys.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against them. Smileys are great fillers. When you have really nothing to say, but still want to comment – smileys are godsends.

But have you ever felt the compulsive need of putting a smiley at the end of your comment? I know I have. It is almost like I am at a risk of coming across as this serious-as-hell guy who just wants to analyze everything & convert them into dry statistical data. Especially so when all the previous comments have ended with smileys.

This shouldn’t be a problem – and probably isn’t for most of us. But more often than not, I find myself backspacing the lines I just typed – only to replace them with a smiley.

I think I use :D & :P the most, followed by :) , and sometimes ;) .
:( and :x are a rarity with me. Now does that imply that some form of a happy-face (laughing, playful, innocent or naughty) is my one & only expression no matter what? Somehow I find that disturbing. And this is getting weirder day by day.

So I have decided to abstain from using any smileys in my future blog posts. Let’s see if that changes or improves anything.

What do you think?

See you in the comments!