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A long hiatus(?)

Before starting this post, I threw a casual glance at my old ones. Then I did a double-take.

Something was wrong.

The post content was all right, but something was very wrong with the dates. It must be a bug – some glitch in the blogging software that was causing this. Must be. because it said that my last post was on June 2011 – that’s almost two years back!

That’s so impossible, it’s bordering on ridiculous. Admittedly, It’s been a rather busy time for me, but surely my writer-self (which I secretly take pride in so much) hasn’t been dormant for that long? Surely?

[Writing] isn’t a thing you set out to do and succeed in. It’s a thing that gets AT you, that nags at you – and haunts you – so that you’ve got, sooner or later, to make terms with it. And then, for a bit, you get some peace – until the whole thing starts over again.

(Agatha Christie)

When I read this quotation a few months back, it resonated with me so strongly that I immediately copied and shared it through facebook. But what about that nagging that Christie talked about? Why hasn’t it bothered me for the last twenty-four months? And if it did, why didn’t I resume writing?

Looking back, I realize now what had happened. About two years back (a few days after I wrote my last post), I got heavily involved in a project that lasted more than eight months. Then a relatively less hectic project for almost three months. Then I moved to a new city. Amid all these stress that I let build up for more than a year, my habit of regular writing took a hit.

All those times, I was dependent on facebook to stay connected with my friends and relatives. Before long, I was regularly sharing news and articles that I found interesting, sometimes accompanied with my own thoughts. It wasn’t original content, but somehow I managed to convince myself that I am indeed ‘making terms’ with the nagging compulsiveness of writing.

I did share some original stuff on facebook, but they were few and far between. By the inherent nature of status updates, they are limited in scope and short in length – several paragraphs at most. They cannot be called what I think of as real writing. Which brings me to another issue: long-form writing.

Earlier, in one of my blog posts, when I spoke about avoiding smileys, I was unknowingly referring to my preference towards long-form writing. For obvious reasons, I cannot hone my long-form writing skills through fb status updates – however original or frequent they might be.

So now that I have noticed my long absence from my own blog and analysed the possible reasons behind it, I am making a promise to myself – to write regularly, and more importantly, to publish them on my blog. For now, the goal is to write/blog every week. I want to concentrate more on long-form writing, but that should not be an excuse for not posting regularly. (e.g. gap of a month to let the 3000-word article brew nicely, and all such nonsense.)

And finally, my dear Readers. we come to the conclusion of this post. The topic of this post was originally supposed to be something else entirely, but since I have forgotten what – I guess it wasn’t that important. In any case, it can always find its way to one of my future posts.