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The Move

“Friends help you move, Real friends help you move the bodies.”
(Source unknown)

Judging on that scale, moving your blog/website seems childishly simple. You could do it over the weekend. Maybe in a couple of hours, if you try hard. Right?

Well, it took me more than a fortnight. And I am still hiding behind the ‘under construction’ page – refusing to publish my website unless each and every tiny aspect is tweaked to its best possible state. But at some point, you just have to realize that good is good enough, and that the Earth won’t stop spinning if your website is not the ultimate best among the zillions out there.

But maybe I am getting too far ahead.

“Oh but why do you need to move your blog in the first place?”, you ask. “And what’s all this hullabaloo about owning your own domain name? Are you planning a start-up? Are you a budding artist who needs an online portfolio? No, right? Then?”

Ermm… if you put it like that, it really does sound a bit silly. But let me gather my notes and deliver my defence:

  1. Having your own domain name (and having a website there) is just so cool (and geeky, and professional,… anyway, you get the drift), that it was painfully hard for me not to buy one.
  2. My readers can no longer complain of having to type random stuff in their URL bar (See what I did there?).
  3. Now I can sleep easy, knowing that my archenemies (Yes I have a few. All superheroes have some.) can no longer buy my domain name and (ab)use it to frame me.
  4. goto 1.

Now that I have laid down my reasons for getting a website/domain of my own, let me tell you how I went about it.

First stop: buying the domain name. A quick search revealed that my preferred domain name was indeed available, and can easily be mine for a yearly fee. So then I needed to decide on a domain name registrar. I am one of those guys who cannot decide upon a particular product (especially online ones) unless I have read at least a dozen reviews from different sources. So, that process took its time.

After choosing a registrar and registering my domain name, came the next big question: Do I pay a hosting company to host my website? Or should I just use one of those free blogging platforms where they let you use your own custom domain? After much research and weighing the pros and cons, I decided that I want the freedom of a hosted account – provided it agrees with my wallet. That led to another lengthy hunt and review-scanning process, until I was fully satisfied that I have found the hosting company perfect for my needs.

The next question was whether to design my website from scratch, or to use one of the popular CMSs. This I did not ponder over much, because by then I knew my priority was to get my website up and running. If later I feel the need of getting down and dirty with html and css codes, that option would always be open for me.

Then came the next big question – the giant of the lot- the one that took me over a week to answer: how should my blog look like? Should I go for a modern hip look, or should I stick with elegant and classy? Do I want a custom header? A custom background? Infinite scrolling? Custom menu? Flexible width? Responsive layout? After pondering over all these life-or-death questions, I finally narrowed it down to five wordpress.com themes. Then I realized that wordpress.com is a whole lot different than wordpress.org, the CMS I want to use. Then the theme-hunting process started all over again.

After wasting quite a few days, I convinced myself that regardless of my themes, no one would visit my website if I don’t publish quality content regularly. So I finally chose a simple theme which focuses mainly on content. I hope you like it.

A last little question remained – this one somewhat more intimate – Do I move my old blog posts here? Or do I start with a clean slate? This was especially relevant since there was quite a large gap after my old-blog posts. Ultimately I decided to keep those contents here as well – mostly as a reminder to myself that simply starting a blog is not good enough unless you update it regularly.

So that’s the whole story in a not-so-small nutshell.

Welcome to my website. I am sure you’ll like it here.